How to make-over your home – what I’ve learnt

It’s a couple of months now since Aaron and I moved into our new house, and I’m still loving the process of turning it into a home.

Not having ever really done home interiors in the past though, the last few weeks have definitely been a baptism of fire so I thought I’d share some do’s and don’ts based on our experiences: here’s what I’ve learnt about how to make-over your home…


  • Buy magazines and use Pinterest for inspiration

I would say these two things have been invaluable in terms of giving me lots of ideas, whether that be for colour combinations, DIY hacks or specific product recommendations.

  • Create mood boards

After collecting a few interiors magazines as per the above, I got very geeky and used them to create a mood board for each room we were making over, cutting up pages to stick together and make a visual plan.

how to make-over your home, mood boards
  • Experiment with testers and check how the colours work together

It took us six different testers to find the right pink for our bedroom but I’m so glad we persevered because we saved the best till last! Another important point which a friend made to me is to put the different room colours next to each other – i.e. trying each pink next to the grey we wanted, as it can really change the look of the colour.

  • Browse Ebay for bargains

We got both our living room rug and mirror from Ebay, and the rug in particular was an absolute steal at £30!

  • Be patient

Perhaps slightly hypocritical of me because being patient with house stuff is not my strong suit at all! But it helped to not act on impulse and weigh things up properly, even if that meant only waiting a day, rather than purchasing something on the day we saw it.

  • Check customer reviews

And check them thoroughly! They were so helpful in informing what we bought.

  • Keep house money separate

From a finances point of view, it’s really helped keeping the house money in a separate account so we can always clearly see what we have to spend, and not get mixed up with who owes who too much.

  • Upcycle your furniture

I saw an upcycled bedside table online, which inspired me to do the same with ours, and buying different draw knobs and an adhesive marble paper for the tops has totally transformed them! Although I can’t pretend I didn’t lose it with the air bubbles…

how to make-over your home, bedside table before and after
Bedside table: before and after


  • Buy a bed from Ikea!
bed DIY disaster

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have seen we had an absolute nightmare putting the bed together since one of the parts was faulty, and it’s never been properly sorted. Luckily we managed to find a way round it.

  • Go crazy with your testers
paint samples on wall

I got a bit slap dash flinging testers on the wall, which of course is a little awkward when you come to decide on something paler. It just took a few extra coats of white to resolve, but we could’ve saved the time by using the testers a little more sparingly.

  • Just settle for stuff not being right

It’s tempting to prioritize speed and just getting stuff sorted over quality, but you’re the one that’s going to live in it afterwards, so it’s worth spending a little more time to get it right (though equally accept that it’s never going to be total perfection, or you’ll never be happy!)

  • Try to do everything at once

Again, it’s tempting to rush around doing lots for the sake of getting sorted, but you might well end up compromising the design. I think focusing on just two areas of the house has really helped us, rather than trying to take on everything at once.

how to make-over your home, image of the living room beforehand
The living room: before
how to make-over your home, image of the living room afterwards
The living room: after
how to make-over your home, image of the bedroom beforehand
The bedroom: before
how to make-over your home, image of the bedroom afterwards
The bedroom: after

So that’s where we’ve got to, and what I’ve learnt so far about how to make-over your home. I want to get some prints for the walls and a few more accessories, but the downstairs and master bedroom are basically done now…hugely thanks to my mum who did the painting for us, which brought it all together.

I hope this post has been helpful, and I’d love to hear the do’s and don’ts you’ve learnt. Let me know in the comments! P.S. I’ve included a pinnable image below as normal, but I thought I’d also link to my home interiors board on Pinterest here, in case you’d like to follow along. I’ve also included a product list at the bottom of this post.

Pin for later

Shopping list (contains affiliate links)

Living Room


  • Paint: Valspar colour match of Farrow & Ball’s Calamine, and Polished Pebble by Dulux
  • Bedding: Wayfair
  • Cushions and throw: Ikea
  • Bedside tables: Ikea
  • Drawer knobs: John Lewis
  • Marble adhesive paper: Amazon
  • Lamps: George Home

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