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It’s no secret that I’m a complete telly addict; nights in are my absolute favourite and when the competition so far this year has mainly been the talent shows rolled out by ITV and the BBC that follow the same format just about every single time, Netflix series make for a far superior alternative.

Here are four light-hearted watches that I’ve loved so far this year, for the perfect cosy night in…

Tidying Up

Bear with me, because I know a show about tidying does not sound like fun. But this isn’t just any show about tidying, it’s with author Marie Kondo, whose book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” rocketed up the bestseller charts the world over in 2014, and arguably transformed the decluttering habits of millions.

In the TV series, Marie visits a different family each week to help them declutter their homes and consequently their lives (or so the theory goes), using her unique philosophy on tidying. It’s surprisingly moving as you see the different people work through their emotional baggage and the reasons they came to feel in chaos, and if you love a good before and after, each episode is extremely satisfying! I felt de-stressed as I watched it and yes, I have since gutted my entire wardrobe and re-folded all my clothes, Marie Kondo style.

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset is a fairly new Netflix series, that I was hooked on from the minute I saw the trailer.

It’s a reality show (albeit airbrushed to within an inch of its life) based on a real estate firm selling million dollar houses, and the antics of its glamorous employees. Set in the Hollywood Hills, the properties you get a glimpse into are insane and offer an insight into a whole different world. Beyond that, some of the characters at the firm are no less surreal than the houses with major drama as a constant.

If you like your programmes to have some substance then this probably isn’t for you, but it’s trashy escapist TV at its finest. And with just eight short episodes in the series, it’s perfect easy watching.

Stay Here

There seems to be a definite property/interiors theme running through this post, because my third recommendation, Stay Here, is a home improvement show for holiday rentals.

In each episode, an interior designer and property expert visit a different struggling rental owner and work to help them transform their space into something beautiful that will actually make them money.

It’s not entirely clear whether it’s Netflix paying for the makeovers or the people in question, but to be honest it’s not a programme you watch for the detail. It’s just a really inspiring and feel-good watch, with lots of amazing interiors to lust over. I’m not going to lie, by the end I wanted to open up my own B&B. Reality check needed.

Queer Eye

I feel like Queer Eye needs no introduction, but I’ve come across people recently who either haven’t seen it, or – shockingly I know – not heard of it.

If you are one of those people, in my opinion you need to rectify this immediately.

Back when the originally named ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ aired in 2003, the premise was a group of five gay men – called the Fab Five – giving a makeover to, you guessed it, a straight guy. Several years later in 2018, the show was rebooted with a new fab five and changed to simply ‘Queer Eye’, to include makeovers for people of any gender or sexual orientation.

However to use the word ‘makeover’ kind of dumbs down what the show is actually about, which is anything but superficial. Each episode is emotionally charged as the fab five visit a different person, who usually has undergone a lot of stress or unhappiness in their life, or perhaps never just done that much for themselves and always focused on others. Whatever the situation, everyone the fab five seem to find to visit is completely wonderful and so deserving of some TLC.

Each of the group have a different role in helping the person transform different areas of their life, to include fashion, personal grooming, interiors, cooking and culture. There’s a lot of deep chats and tears throughout each episode (trust me, you need tissues when you watch it) but ultimately the whole thing leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

For what is technically a ‘makeover’ programme, for there to be no judgement and no shaming, but simply love and compassion is totally refreshing and completely life-affirming. Queer Eye is possibly my favourite Netflix show of all time.

So there you have it, 4 amazing Netflix series perfect for relaxing with after a long day. Let me know what your favourites are!

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