Sharing the love – 4 bloggers to add to your follow list

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share the love by telling you about four bloggers to add to your follow list.

There are so many whose work I admire so this is just a small slice of the pie, but if you don’t already follow these women, I thoroughly recommend doing so!

Anna Considine

Anna Considine photos, bloggers to add to your follow list

Anna is a photographer, copywriter and blogger who I interviewed in my creative business series here.

She blogs about photography and the world of freelance, as well as topics such as zero waste and mental health. She’s incredibly honest and I find her posts to be really inspiring, not to mention her photography which is so creamy and cosy.

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Kristabel Plummer

Kristabel Plummer photos, bloggers to add to your follow list

Kristabel is the blogger behind ‘I want you to know’ – a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog – and also happens to have an exceptionally beautiful Instagram.

Her photos are so bright and happy, and they always make me smile. It’s not just about style though; as well as fashion, she covers loads of different topics in her blogs such as food & drink, books, money and race & identity.

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Kat Nicholls

Kat Nicholls photos, bloggers to add to your follow list

Kat’s blog ‘Blue Jay of Happiness’ is all about mental health, self-worth and self-belief. She offers lots of helpful advice based on her own experiences, and openly discusses her own mental health and previous battle with an eating disorder.

Last year Kat qualified as a coach and now offers self-care and self-worth packages to support clients on their own self-worth journeys.

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Sophie Cliff

Sophie Cliff photos, bloggers to add to your follow list

Sophie is a lifestyle and travel blogger with a focus on balance, positivity and getting the most out of life. I’ve been a big fan of hers since I did her e-course just over a year ago, which was all about growing your blog alongside a full-time job.

Her posts are chatty, down-to-earth and like talking to a friend who gives great advice!

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There you have it, four bloggers that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. If you don’t already use it, I find the Bloglovin’ app to be a great way to keep up with my favourites, so have linked all four women’s profiles below. And if you’d like to keep up with my posts on there, here’s the link for mine.

4 bloggers to add to your follow list
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