My positivity diary (#21)

I’m not quite sure how it’s been a fortnight since I wrote my last diary post because it feels like forever ago. Doesn’t this time of year seem to go by in a blurry haze? With the freezing rain this weekend, that hot summer we enjoyed definitely feels like a lifetime ago!

It’s been another tough couple of weeks; as I recounted in my post last Sunday about grief, a chunk of last week was spent going down to my parents’ and attending a funeral for our family friend.

There are still so many good things going on though, and I want to focus on these small, simple joys in this fortnight’s round-up…

1. Getting glammed up

We had our work Christmas party the Friday before last and it was a really good push to not succumb to my normal winter weekend hibernation but to put a nice dress on, stick on a bit of fake tan and feel good about the way I looked. I’m pretty body confident as it is but after months of burrowing under huge jumpers, I can start to feel a bit slobby. Typically I failed to take any photos but it was lovely to see everyone else glammed up too!

2. Podmas

Blogger and journalist Lucy Lucraft ran her ‘Podmas’ podcast series again for the first 12 days of December, focusing on a different topic or prompt each day. She encouraged other people to get involved, whether on their own podcasts or on Instagram stories, so I did the latter (as you may have seen if you follow me!) and I really enjoyed having a chat with people about a few different subjects, and getting to know some other accounts better. 

3. Decorating the tree

I spent last Saturday feeling a bit sorry for myself as I was a little poorly, but had a lovely afternoon helping Aaron’s mum decorate the tree with a bit of Bublé on in the background. I’m feeling extra grateful with all that’s gone on recently for my Yorkshire family and to be around such loving, wonderful people.

4. Relaxing in front of a good film

Aaron’s parents recently bought Sky Cinema so we’ve been loving having a load of new film options! I’ve recently re-watched You’ve Got Mail (just about my favourite movie of all time), Miss Congeniality (absolute rom-com classic) and Home Alone 2 (because it’s even better than the first one in my opinion). 

5. Festive spirit at school

There’s nothing like being surrounded by excited children to curb any hint of Grinch you might have left, and hearing them all sing along to the 12 Days of Christmas this week got me feeling all warm and fuzzy. We also went to a panto and the looks of joy on their little faces were priceless.

6. Winter sun

view of sun shining down on woodland area in December

There’s something so beautiful about winter sun and I always feel like I can deal with the cold if it’s accompanied by clear skies and bright, piercing sunlight! I took the dog out last Sunday and the views were just beautiful. 

7. Feeling calm about Christmas

I had a slightly frenzied and stressful shopping afternoon a couple of weeks back but since then I’ve felt a lot calmer about the approaching festivities. Perhaps recent events have reminded me what really matters I don’t know. What I do know is choosing not to do all the things has really helped, and it’s been good to spend lots of time at home just taking things easy. If you’re feeling the festive overwhelm, you might like this post I shared the other day on cutting ourselves some slack. 

8. TV-less Friday night

Okay so we did still watch a bit of telly, but most of Friday night was spent sat round the table. Aaron’s grandma was over and after dinner we sat and drank wine and played Scattergories. It was really nice to do something a bit different to normal and I always forget how much I enjoy games like that until they come out again at Christmas! I also forget how competitive I am…

9. A catch-up coffee

I met up with a friend for coffee yesterday and it was lovely to see her and catch up. After hearing the weather warnings I wasn’t sure I should brave a trip into Leeds but was glad I did! 

10. A lunch date

Aaron and I popped to the shops for a few errands this morning and afterwards had a really nice lunch at Nando’s. We ended up talking about how this year’s been for each of us and some things we want to achieve next year. I think in living together it’s easy to be like ships in the night and not actually sit down and chat properly, so it was good to spend some quality time just the two of us.

So there you have it, a family-focused round-up of small, simple things from the last couple of weeks. I’m going to take a bit of a break from posting over the holiday so that’s my last positivity diary for 2018! What’ve been the good things in your world of late? 


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