My positivity diary (#20)

young woman in winter coat sat on park bench with coffeeHappy Sunday you lovely bunch! I’m going to join in the rest of the population by saying can you believe it’s already December? I’ve been feeling like a bit of a grinch so far this season, but gradually I’m getting more in the Christmas spirit now and I’m actually quite excited for our work Christmas party this week. It’s not been an easy time of late; if you read my last positivity diary then you’ll know I had a family friend who was sick. Very sadly she has since passed away, which although not unexpected, hurt a lot for everyone that loved her. We’re doing okay – if you’re a newsletter subscriber then you might have read today’s email about my thoughts on this – so I won’t repeat the same stuff here, but in a nutshell focusing on the good has helped a lot. There is so much to be thankful for; here’s my round-up of positives from the fortnight.

1. My family

I feel like this kind of goes without saying, but the last couple of weeks has made me particularly grateful for my parents and sister, who are all so loving and so resilient. They always make me feel like everything is going to be okay.

2. Weekends at home

After some weekends away it’s been lovely to have the last couple based at home, getting some jobs done, feeling cosy and spending time with Aaron.

3. Christmas orders

It’s always lovely at this time of year getting extra demand for my wares, and working on commissions and orders! If you’d like some quirky cards or perhaps something personal lettered or illustrated for you, just check out my Etsy shop.

4. Bunnies

We’ve now got the bunnies’ hutch into the shed for winter, and they seem very happy in their new, cosier home. It’s always nice getting them out for a cuddle when I get home from work, and seeing them scamper around whilst we watch TV. They never fail to make me smile.

5. How kind work have been

Work have been so co-operative with me needing to take some time off for the funeral this coming week, and it’s made a big difference to my stress levels! Thankfully it’s all sorted and I’m so grateful that I’ll be able to go, and spend some time with my family too.

6. A 7 day positivity challenge

If you follow me on Instagram then you might’ve seen on my stories over the last week that I’ve been following along with blogger Sophie Cliff’s 7 day positivity challenge. It’s been great to go beyond the fortnightly round-up I do on here, and actually think about a few things each day to be grateful for.

7. A trip to Leeds German Market

The other night I went into town with some colleagues for a little trip to the German Market. I had lots of carbs and a bit of booze too for good measure, and it was a really nice festive evening hanging out.

young woman in coat and bobble hat with cone of chips

8. Coffee, cake and me-time

Yesterday I headed to my favourite local coffee shop for a few hours to myself, writing away, and sinking some delicious coffee, not to mention sweet treats.

9. A no-frills date night

Last night Aaron and I went for a cheap dinner at Wetherspoons and it was lovely to get out and spend a bit of time together. I had a delicious burger and a G&T, and then we headed home and spent the rest of the evening watching Strictly with his parents.

10. Getting festive

Last weekend after shuffling through the crowds, I was feeling very bah humbug. This morning though I’ve been making ginger bread and listening to Bublé belt out a few crackers, not to mention getting a bit inspired by Kirstie Allsopp’s Christmas Crafts. It feels GREAT. 

What have been the positives in your world? I always like to hear your news!

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