My positivity diary (#19)

autumn scene in OxfordshireEvening lovely people! I hope you’ve had good weekends and have managed to get some chill time in amongst all the craziness that seems to kick in at this time of year. It’s been an up and down week at my end, partly because of hormones but mainly because a family friend is very sick. Apart from the anger and sadness that comes with that, it’s made me extra grateful for what I have, and it feels more important than ever to focus on all the positive things.

1. Cosy evenings

Whilst I wouldn’t say that struggling to find motivation to do anything in the evenings is exactly a positive, I am really enjoying snuggling on the sofa with some hot comfort food, watching some autumn telly and kicking back with Aaron. I’m loving Strictly, Dynsasties – the new David Attenborough show – and Gogglebox as ever.

2. Meeting with a mortgage advisor

Major adulting thing! We met up with a mortgage advisor for the first time last week to have an initial consultation about what we might be able to borrow etc. We’re a fair way off at the moment but it’s exciting to think about the future.

3. A weekend away in the North East

I spent last weekend with three of my uni coursemates, up near Middlesbrough. As always we had such a good time and it was lovely to catch up.

4. Double pie

I got back from my weekend away to find Aaron’s parents cooking up a storm and gone pastry crazy. We had meat and potato pie followed by blackberry & apple pie for pudding with custard, and it felt like the ultimate autumnal meal.

blackberry and apple pie

5. A drawing I was proud of

Last week I gave a different style a go and illustrated some food I’d had on our trip to Amsterdam. It took ages but I was really pleased with the results, despite it tanking on Instagram! Hey ho, I’m really proud of it and definitely going to do a few more like this.

drawing of French Toast

6. Started the Christmas shopping

I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about Christmas and all the presents there are to get but am slightly better now that we’ve made a start. Every little helps, right!

7. Lovely comments about the ‘gram

I’ve been feeling a bit disillusioned recently about my creative work, because I don’t have as much time as I thought I would, and am getting home every night feeling a bit pooped to do very much. I had a couple of really lovely comments last week though which were a big encouragement to keep plugging away.

8. Discovering new podcasts

I’m still majorly behind with all the podcasts I want to listen to (there’s never enough time is there) but I’ve enjoyed trying a few new ones recently, which I’m looking forward to listening to more of, including ‘On the fence’ (from two of The Circle contestants), ‘Don’t Salt My Game’ with nutritionist Laura Thomas and ‘Creatively Human’ with Ruth Poundwhite; I recommend checking them out!

9. A weekend with my godson and family

We spent this weekend down near Oxford with my friend Emma; she and her husband have their hands full with boys aged 10, 6 and 3! We had such a good time full of play and cuddles and I’ve come home feeling broody all over again. Don’t worry, the feeling won’t last when I check my bank balance and remember I can’t even look after myself..

young couple in hats and scarves

10. Getting home on a Sunday night and not feeling blue

It might sound like a small thing but Sunday nights used to be horrible. Whilst I can’t say I’m ever excited about an early morning alarm, I don’t feel the dread about the start of a new week that I used to, and it’s lovely to get home and be able to enjoy my Sunday evening.

What’s been making you happy? I’d love to hear the positives in your life right now, big or small. 



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