Soulful marketing, body confidence and flapjacks – in conversation with Anna Considine

There are so many creative business owners I follow online who I really admire, and I always love listening to podcast interviews and hearing about the person behind the work; particularly those who have a different approach to business and care about authenticity and soulful marketing. I had the idea of doing a little series on here with some of the creatives I love and it’s been such a pleasure to get to know them more. I really hope you enjoy this first one.
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Photo credit: Hannah of All Of My Days Photography

This week I’m talking to Anna Considine, a photographer and content writer based in Northampton, who works with independent businesses to create imagery, copy and social posts that tell their story online. I first discovered Anna through an incredibly brave and honest blog post she wrote about experiencing a psychotic episode. For some time I’ve admired her gorgeous photography on Instagram and in particular am loving her new body confidence project, so it was a treat to find out more about her and her work.

Hi Anna! Thanks for getting involved in this series, I always think your photography is so beautiful and find myself nodding along with the things you talk about on Instagram! Please could you tell us a little bit about yourself that we might not already know?

My absolute pleasure, I am so happy to be part of your series! 

I’ve written for fun all my life, with photography becoming a hobby and then part-time job during my studies. I’m also an INFJ, vegan and Libra, who makes the finest flapjacks in town. (I am a bit biased, but still…)

What led you to starting your business?
The seeds were very much sown at university. I started photographing and writing for the love of both hobbies, but during university (where I actually studied languages). I began writing and photographing part-time for the web-shop of an independent boutique in my hometown. I’m a natural wanderluster, so after a few years I spent three months working as a summer camp photographer in the States, and returning home felt like the best time to start my business. I’m lucky that my first three clients approached me before my travels, and things have grown from there.
What’s your biggest motivation for what you do?
I’m particularly passionate about working with Northamptonshire businesses, as the town has so many great things about it that few people know about. Perhaps most inspiring to me is working with other women running their dream businesses; I love how many of us are out there, rewriting the rules and taking up the space that we deserve.
What have been some of your biggest wins?
The projects I find most rewarding are my body confidence shoots. They’re all about changing women’s perceptions of themselves, and undoing the damage done by our culture’s limited ideas of beauty. I love every project I work on, but it’s especially rewarding to see that your work is playing a part in someone’s love for herself.
Where do you see your business in the future?
I wake up with a new dream nearly every day! I’d love to create an agency of like-minded creatives, whose talents complement each other… I’d love it to offer a new, soulful take on marketing, telling stories without pretence, but with heart and compassion.
soulful marketing pastry photography

One of Anna’s beautiful shots

What would you advise someone starting their own business, whether that be part-time or full-time?
I would encourage you to use your time in traditional employment saving, saving, saving. Self-employment is a lot of ups and downs, and things will be especially tough in the first few months. Don’t hold back on being your own cheerleader; you’re not annoying, you’re not arrogant, you’re merely sharing what you do so that those who want to work with you will find you. Charge what you are worth and no less.
Who are some other creative business owners you admire?
I’m inspired by my lovely friends, Hannah of All My Days Photography, Jen Carrington and Rebecca of They’re all doing different things but with the soul and integrity I so admire.
And lastly, where can we find you online?

You can find me through my website,, and on Instagram as @annaconsidineuk.

I really enjoyed finding out more about Anna and the passion and soul behind her business; do check her out because she’s an awesome person to follow. Which creative business owners do you most admire? I’d love to hear! 

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