My positivity diary (#17)

girl in cord dungaree dress, standing in park on autumnal day with goofy smile on her face

Photo credit: Alex Ivory

I hope you’re all enjoying relaxing, cosy weekends. In a way it feels like ages since my last diary post a fortnight ago, and in another it feels like the time has flown. I always feel like autumn is a funny time of year with Christmas just around the corner but I’m trying to savour the present and I’m loving these crisp, sunny days we’re having.  Here’s my round-up of good things…

1. Getting some photos done

I’m pretty pants at taking photos and I’m sure Aaron won’t mind me saying he’s not great either! I know that quite a few bloggers get some shots done by a photographer so I’d been looking into this for a while and then wimping out. I finally plucked up the courage to get some done by the lovely Alex Ivory and I’m really pleased with how they turned out! It’ll be good now to have some pics to hand that I can use on here and on Instagram without stressing Aaron out on a Sunday afternoon haha.

girl standing in park in cord dungaree dress, holding cup of takeaway coffee

Photo credit: Alex Ivory

2. The Circle final

I mentioned in my last diary post how addicted I got to Channel 4’s reality show ‘The Circle’. The final was AMAZING and so intense (if you watched it, how nervous were you about Dan and Kate meeting?!). Whilst admittedly trashy TV, the series was also a really interesting social experiment and I thought what it highlighted about the dangers of the Internet and people not being who they seemed was such an important thing.

3. A blogging girls catch up

After several months since our last meet-up, it was so good to catch up with a couple of people that I met through doing Sophie Cliff’s e-course at the start of the year. A couple of vinos, some (regrettably spicy) Bombay mix and a good natter made for a really lovely evening.

4. Sas Petherick’s ‘Write Yourself Home’ workshop

You’ve probably heard me talking about Sas Petherick on the blog or on my Instagram before, but if not, she’s a self-doubt coach and a very wise owl! Last weekend it was finally time to go to her ‘Write Yourself Home’ workshop in Manchester which I’d been looking forward to for a while. It’s hard to describe as it was unlike any workshop I’ve been to, but essentially it was all about events in your life, people in your life and the things that make you, you. We delved into a lot of different areas of self-doubt through talking and writing, and I met some awesome women there who were so inspiring.

5. Baby cuddles

After the workshop in Manchester I got the train down to Northampton and Aaron and I went to stay with some friends who happen to have a seriously cute 9 month old. We don’t get to see them much so it was really nice to spend some proper time with them, and to have alll the cuddles with their little girl. Perhaps just a tiny bit broody now.

6. A healthy bunny

After we’d got back from Northampton and I was showered and in my pjs, all ready for a cosy night in before the week ahead, Mel decided it would be a good time to give us a scare. She wouldn’t eat and sat in a corner for the night, and since bunnies can go downhill very quickly, we ended up at the emergency vets at 9pm. Thankfully after some meds and liquid food she was back to herself, which was a big relief. Whenever something like this happens it always makes me extra grateful for such great pets.

7. Feeling proud

I felt so proud this week when my little sister scored a promotion she’d gone for at work. She throws herself into everything she does and is one of the hardest working people I know, so in my eyes there’s no-one that deserved it more than her!

8. Delicious homemade pie

Getting in the Autumnal mood, Aaron and I made a homemade chicken, bacon and mushroom pie this week. We used filo pasty on the top (bought, making filo is a step too far) so it was a bit of a lighter pie and was SO delicious! The recipe is here if you fancy it yourself.

9. A weekend with friends

three girls sat around table of food in cafe

One of my home friends who I’ve known since I was 11 came up to stay this weekend and we had such a nice time of catching up with lots of food involved. We met up with another of our home friends for lunch yesterday and feasted on the platters pictured, so good!

10. T- 1 week

We’re finally into week eight of term, which means…half-term on Friday! I’ve really enjoyed getting stuck into my new role but I can’t wait for a little break and even better, a trip away, as Aaron and I are off to the Netherlands for a few days next week.

That’s my round-up for the last fortnight, what have been the highlights for you? Let me know in the comments! 


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