My positivity diary (#15)

girl sat with pie, holding jug of gravy and smiling

Happy Sunday lovely people, I hope you’re all having good weekends whatever you’re doing. Doesn’t summer feel like a distant memory? We seem to be very much in the throes of autumn now, with school term in full swing and wet, blustery days. There’s lots of good things about that though and I have to say I’m really enjoying the cosiness of home when I get in on an evening; here’s my round-up of ten good things from the last couple of weeks…

1. Cosy nights in

Although I’m definitely more of a summer person, I’ve been really enjoying having cosy nights at home curled up on the sofa, watching all the brilliant autumn telly and eating lots of hot, yummy food.

2. Autumn telly

That brings me on to all the brilliant programmes on at the moment that we’re loving. Current favourites include Bake Off, Celebrity Masterchef, Gogglebox, Dragon’s Den and Bodyguard. What are you enjoying on the box at the moment?

3. A little date night

In a change to our usual Friday night ritual of takeaway and telly, we went out for dinner on Friday night and it was so nice to get some quality time together after a busy week. We went to one of my favourite Italian restaurants and were totally stuffed when we left. I later fell asleep on the sofa watching Masterchef so as you can tell, it was a wild night.

4. My friend’s 30th birthday

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen on my stories last weekend that I attempted to bake a Genoise sponge for my friend’s 30th (more on this in another post to come!). She hosted a party at her mum’s house in the middle of nowhere in the Northumbrian countryside. It was such a good, chilled out time, with lots of food, a big bonfire, baked potatoes and marshmallow toasting. It felt like a properly autumnal evening and was filled with good chats, and seemed not only like a birthday celebration but a celebration of a decade of friendship too, since we met on the first day of uni.

5. PIE

plate of pie, mash and Yorkshire pudding

I write it in capitals because this was serious pie. One of my friends is a food blogger and had been invited to try Pieminister’s new offering, “Sunday Best” so we met up last Sunday and enjoyed a big delicious meal of pie, mash and lots of gravy. You can read her review of it here.

6. Nabbing myself a corduroy dress

After pie on Sunday, we went for a look round the shops and I mentioned that I was keen to try a particular cord dungaree dress from H&M that I’d seen on Instagram. After a bit of unsuccessful browsing, we saw it. Just the one, in my size, hanging up randomly with some other tops. These things are meant to be, right?!

7. Getting Aaron to yoga

I mentioned in a previous positivity diary that I found a local yoga class over the summer and have been really enjoying all the stretching and relaxation I get from it. Last week I managed to drag Aaron along for his first ever yoga experience which was fun, hopefully we’ll keep each other in the weekly habit now.

8. Launching my newsletter

You might’ve seen that I’m starting a monthly newsletter! Each one is going to contain a letter from me with some thoughts from the month, recommended podcasts, books, bloggers, an inspirational quote and a spotlight on a different indie business. If you’re interested in signing up, you can do so here; the first one will be going out on Sunday 7th October.

9. Ray Dodd’s 5 days of magic

Ray Dodd is a coach who describes herself as a ‘taking up space mentor’. She’s passionate about women taking up more space, and not shrinking themselves back and apologising for who they are, but accepting and embracing their full selves. Over the course of last week, she ran an Instagram challenge called “5 days of magic”, which involved a daily question prompt from Monday to Friday such as “where and when do you feel most yourself?” and “where do you feel most judged in life?” The questions were really thought-provoking so I’m going to share a separate post about this soon!

10. A quiet weekend

After being around lots of people all day, every day, it’s felt like such a treat to have a quiet weekend to sit and drink coffee, do some writing and get some headspace. It’s made the introvert in me very happy.

What have been the good things in your life recently? I’d love to hear your highlights.


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