My positivity diary (#13)

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I know some say 13 is unlucky but since it’s the date of my birthday I’ve never been one for that superstition funnily enough. In fact I feel so lucky and blessed each time I write these posts and think about all the good things in life. This being the 13th positivity diary makes for 130 positives noted down since March, which is a truly wonderful thing. Here’s my round-up from the fortnight…

1. A full house

If you read my last diary post, you’ll know that we’ve been dog-sitting recently whilst Aaron’s parents were away, and since we live with them these days, that’s made for a pretty empty house. They got back last week and it’s been so lovely to have them around again, I feel very lucky to have parents-in-law who are so chilled and easy-going! And despite the positives of dog walking that I wrote about last time, I can’t lie that handing back the poo bags has been quite nice too 😀

2. A delivery full of craft

Recently the lovely Holly at My Greeting Box got in touch to see if I would write a review on one of their kits. They’re a craft subscription box service supplying you with all the craft bits and pieces to make some lovely cards, with a different theme each week. I was so excited to receive my box full of goodies and will be posting about this soon!

3. The response to my blog about body confidence

I’ve been really overwhelmed by the amazing response from you guys to my post about body confidence last week, and the way we talk about our own bodies versus those of our friends. It was quite an emotional one to write but felt amazingly cathartic to get all that out, and I’m so grateful for all your lovely comments and messages on social media.

4. Illustration commissions

I always get excited about commissions and to have received a fair few in the last couple of weeks has been amazing. Sitting down with a podcast and my pen and pencil for hours has felt lovely. I’m just hoping everyone is pleased with the work!

5. Smashing results

My baby cousin who is not such a baby anymore got his A Level results last week and did SO well. I’m really proud of him and super excited that he’s coming up north for uni.

6. Escape room fun

Last weekend I met up with a few friends for a different kind of girls’ night when we visited Tick Tock Unlock in Leeds. I’d actually been a few years ago with work but it was way more fun with friends and although we needed a fair few clues, we managed to get out in time! Afterwards we headed back for an evening in with The Greatest Showman, wine, Deliveroo and lots of giggles.

7. My own badges!

pin badges on denim jacket

I finally bit the bullet and got my bikini illustration printed onto badges and I’m so glad I did. Getting your own work printed is always such an exciting thing and I was really pleased with the print job from Awesome Merchandise. These cute little badges look great on a denim jacket with your other pins (pictured: avocado pin by Blush & Blossom Paper, heart pin by Phie Hackett, peanut butter pin by Hello Treacle) and are available in my Etsy shop for £1.75 + postage if you fancy nabbing yourself one.

8. Slower days

If you read my post about changing career, you’ll know that I started work in a school last term, which has made for one long treat of a holiday. However as I don’t know many other people who work in schools and we didn’t have any travel plans, it’s made for a lot of very quiet days at home trying not to spend money, and at first it felt a bit strange. I’ve since got into a rhythm with it though and learnt to savour the slow days and the little ordinary pleasures like sleeping in, having dog cuddles, and space to think and write and draw.

9. Rainy day adventures

As we knew today was due to be a wash-out, we headed to The Deep in Hull which I’ve wanted to go to for ages. Although I loved seeing all the sea creatures, I think the highlight had to be someone proposing to their girlfriend via a diver holding up a note in one of the tanks! After The Deep, we went to a little indie café for a late lunch and a trip down memory lane for Aaron since it was the area he used to live in at uni.

10. Making plans

With summer drawing to a close we’ve been making various plans for the coming weeks and I’m really excited to be seeing several uni friends in September, going to a workshop in October and potentially jetting off on a little mini-break with Aaron at half-term. Having things to look forward to always makes me happy!

What’s been making you happy recently? I would love to know the little (and maybe big!) things bringing you joy.


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