5 budget beauty hacks

Baby oil and Sudocrem illustrationWhilst there’s nothing quite like the thrill of buying a new beauty product, getting it home and trying it out, if I succumbed to my inner magpie on the regular I’d be out of funds very quickly. New shiny things are fun but I think there’s also a lot to be said for making the most of what you’ve got, and in this vein I thought I’d share a few little hacks I use to make my products work harder and double up. Even if you’re not wanting to make permanent replacements, it’s a big help too when you’ve run out of something and not got time to pop into town.

Sudocrem as spot cream

I’ve got friends who swear by this but I was always a little sceptical in the past. This year though I have been fully convinced, and Sudocrem has worked sweet wonders on my oily chin in the last few months, stopping emerging spots in their tracks and calming them down overnight. Admittedly it’s not the fittest look for bedtime but so worth it.

Hair conditioner as shaving cream

This is one I’ve used for years because shaving cream seems to cost a blimmin’ fortune. I slather conditioner on my legs instead and it works a treat.

Hair serum as body moisturiser

Okay so admittedly the hair oil I use isn’t exactly budget (it’s a Liz Earle one which I talked about in my skincare favourites post) but when it’s multi-functional it’s already working out cheaper right? I’ve found that a rich oil designed for hair also works really well as a moisturiser for dry skin, particularly on legs and elbows. It’s a perfect-follow on from shaving your legs too, when they’re feeling a little sensitive.

Cream blusher as lip tint

My favourite kind of blusher is a cream one I can apply with my fingers because I feel it gives much more lasting coverage than a powder (see my make-up favourites post here for the one I use) and the beauty of this is it can double up as a lip tint too. If you just want something subtle – perhaps for work where you don’t want to go full on crimson lips – then a little bit of tint gives a lovely flush of colour. Of course, it works vice versa too so if you’re out of blusher, a bit of lipstick or tint works well blended onto cheeks.

Olive oil or baby oil as wax remover

If you buy any kind of wax strips, you usually get some little wipes with them but I find there are never enough in the pack. Water never works very well for getting wax off your skin but a cotton pad soaked in oil will do just the same job as a wipe.


So there you have it, a few little double-up hacks! Just remember to do always do a patch test when using a new product, or when using the same one but on a new area. And while we’re talking budget beauty, I thought I’d also mention that I’ve recently found Boots now do their own muslin cloths, which I use for taking off my cleanser – at £4 for two they’re definitely cheaper than branded ones. What little tricks do you use in your beauty routine? 

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