My positivity diary (#9)

view of Filey beach

It’s been a jam-packed, if not slightly surreal, couple of weeks. The biggest thing was moving house which in the recent heatwave was, um, interesting (you can read my little life update on this here) but we also managed to squeeze in a trip down to Oxford and a few other things besides! Here’s my round-up of all the positives…

1. An Italian joint-birthday

Since I’ve been with Aaron, I count myself very lucky that he’s got a wonderful group of friends who have welcomed me into the fold and become my friends too. Two of them recently had birthdays so we went for a girls catch-up and dinner at our favourite local Italian – including an extensive Love Island gossip – and it was such a lovely evening.

2. A day trip to Filey

I mentioned in a previous positivity diary post (wow that was a mouthful!) that I’ve been doing some helping out in a school and last week that involved a trip to the beach at Filey. I’d never been before and whilst looking after sixty children isn’t exactly what you’d call relaxing, us adults had a lovely time too and it was gorgeous being by the sea – it’s something I miss a lot living in Leeds.

hand holding ice cream in Filey

3. Enjoying a book

I’ve always loved reading but I somehow I never do enough of it. If somebody could just buy me a year’s supply of books that would be wonderful as they’re so flipping expensive aren’t they! And I do have a kindle app but there’s just nothing quite like a physical copy is there? Anyway, as you might’ve already seen in my recent post on creativity and passions, I’ve loved getting stuck into Emma Gannon’s Multi-Hyphen Method – it’s an inspiring read and I’d definitely recommend it!

4. Wedding photos

A few weeks ago on the blog I talked about my friend Emma’s gorgeous wedding in Scotland and how special the weekend was. Well last week their official photos came out (courtesy of photographer Neil Thomas Douglas) and they are simply stunning. It took me right back to that magical weekend flicking through them. Below is one he took of some of the table signage I lettered for the wedding, and one of us bridesmaids when we saw Emma in her dress for the first time.

calligraphy at wedding

bridesmaids see bride for first time

5. An evening in with a bestie

Sometimes I love nothing better than a catch up with a friend over some home-cooked food, where we can just relax on the sofa, chat away and watch telly. Last week my lovely friend Ellen came over and we ate sweet potato falafels, had lots of bunny cuddles and watched Queer Eye; it was ace.

6. A weekend in Oxford

You may or may not know that I have a six year old godson who I’m completely besotted with! He also has a ten year old brother and a little three year old brother, and all three boys are just amazing. Aaron and I spent last weekend with them and it was such a lovely time. I’m already wondering when we can next go down!

woman and child sat in car

7. This weather

I couldn’t really write this fortnight’s post without mentioning the INCREDIBLE weather we’ve been enjoying! There’s nothing better than waking up to blue skies is there, and that feeling of sunshine on your skin. I’m also loving these beautiful peachy sunsets.

June sunset in Leeds

8. Getting sorted

Although it felt pretty sad moving house, and the whole process of packing and cleaning was exhausting, it feels like such a relief to have got it done. We celebrated with a couple of drinks in a pub garden thanks to Aaron’s dad and honestly I’d never craved a glass of fizz so badly! It went down an absolute treat.

glasses on table in pub garden

9. Summer salads

I know it might sound weird but honestly I’ve been loving eating lots of different salads in this heat. I got inspired by my godson’s mum who did a gorgeous chicken and bacon one for us when were down there, and a roast veg and feta one too. Since then I’ve tried out a goats cheese and griddled veg Jamie O special and a chicken, mozzarella and nectarine combo too. I’m planning a couple more for the coming week so will have to see how they go!

10. Cheering on England

Although England actually lost, it was really nice to watch the match with a crowd in town the other day. We had some drinks in the sun, painted flags on our faces and then headed to a pub for the game. Fingers crossed for Tuesday, it’s Aaron’s birthday so surely they have to win right?

There’s my little round-up for the fortnight, what are the positives in your world right now?


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