My positivity diary (#11)

couple in wedding attireHappy Sunday you lovely bunch! I hope you’re having a fab weekend so far. Here’s my round-up of the positives from the last fortnight…

1. Summer holidays

If you read my last blog about changing career, you’ll know that I’m now working as a teaching assistant! One major perk of working in a school is obviously the long holidays, and it feels like such a treat to have all these weeks of lie-ins stretching ahead. We couldn’t afford a holiday abroad this summer but honestly, who cares when the weather is this good? [Edit: today aside!]

2. Time to write

Summer holidays also means lots more time to write and work on this blog, as well as draw! After a hectic few weeks of moving house and starting in a new place of work, I’m excited to have all this time to be creative and I’m already enjoying getting back into a blog routine and feeling more organised with it.

3. A lovely wedding in York

Last weekend meant our last wedding for this year and it was a beautiful affair. I was nervous about seeing some people I hadn’t seen in years but after the social anxiety had subsided, we had a really good time and it was lovely to catch up with people. They had some really good oldies on the playlist and one of the highlights had to be having a boogie to LeAnn Rimes!

4. Incredibles 2

We hadn’t been to the cinema in maybe a year but after hearing that Vue now do tickets for a fiver, we couldn’t resist going to see Incredibles 2! It feels like such a long time ago that the first one was out – I remember my now 18 year old cousin having a little Incredibles outfit at the time (!) – and the sequel did not disappoint, I’d definitely recommend going if you get the chance.

5. A girls’ catch-up

Last week I met up with some friends for a weeknight tea at Banyan in town and we had a lovely evening eating yummy food and catching up. I was so impressed with the service – it was the best I’ve had in a long time – so shout-out to our waiter James who I hope gets his free fizz from my TripAdvisor review!

6. Constant dog cuddles

Since we’ve moved in with Aaron’s parents, I’ve got to have dog cuddles every single day and it makes me very happy. Despite being the barkiest dog I’ve ever met and sometimes doing all our heads in, Alfie is mega cute and you can’t put a price on how loved you feel being jumped on every time you get home!

7. New series

We recently finished Staircase on Netflix (I’d thoroughly recommend) and since Handmaid’s Tale and Love Island are coming to an end (our taste is nothing if not eclectic!), I’ve been looking for some new series to watch. If you haven’t already seen it, Unabomber on Netflix is amazing – unfortunately so good that I’ve already finished it – but that’s been a really good watch. I’m now onto “Sugar Rush” which is fairly cheesy and a bit of a guilty pleasure but very easy watching and it’s making me want to get baking!

8. A family dinner

On Wednesday Aaron, his parents and I went out for dinner and spent the evening in a pub garden, honestly feeling like we could be in Spain! We had such a nice evening with lots of deep chats and it made me feel really lucky all over again to have an adopted family in Yorkshire.

9. The response to my last blog

Since posting my blog about changing career I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of comments and messages from you all. It really means the world and has been quite emotional – I’d wanted to write about it for a while so it felt incredibly cathartic just to share it, let alone receive so much love. You are all amazing and you are the reason I write! I hope it’s encouraged some people who might be thinking about switching things up themselves and if you haven’t messaged already, I would love to hear your thoughts and to cheer you on.

10. Doughnuts!

I’ve wanted to make doughnuts from scratch for a while and yesterday I finally gave it a go. They were delicious! I’ll be writing about this in my 2018 bakes series soon. In the meantime I have a lot of doughnuts so if you live in the Leeds area and would like one, message me!

Iced ring doughnuts

What’s been making you happy over the last couple of weeks?


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