My positivity diary (#10)

As I write this, I’m sat in a train station that I was never meant to be at as I boarded a train in a totally opposite direction to the one I meant to and I’m not going to lie, I’m not feeling that positive. More just general rage at myself because I always seem to do stuff like this and spending my Sunday afternoon taking three hours to get home instead of one wasn’t quite what I had in mind. That said, I’m heading home from a lovely weekend in the sun and have got lots of good things to round up for the fortnight.

1. Starting a new job

Two weeks ago I started a new job and it’s been brilliant so far. I’ve been totally exhausted every night but I’ve met so many lovely people and learnt so much already! I’ll be writing a blog soon in more detail on this.

2. England

Whilst we may have gone out painfully in the semi-finals, I’ve loved cheering on England and having belief in the team again. Getting together with friends over a cider and sitting with our hearts in our mouths has made for some great, if not tense and stomach-churning sessions.

3. The heatwave continues

It seems that as much as the snow seemed to last forever earlier in the year, we’re now reaping the rewards with this gorgeous period of seemingly never-ending warmth and all that that involves, whether it be the countless ice creams, laundry dried airily in the sun or a lighter bag that’s not full of extra layers “just in case”. I am LOVING it.

4. A birthday barbie

Sunshine of course also means barbecues and we had such a good time at my friend’s birthday barbecue last weekend! Football was watched, burgers were eaten and lots of good chats were had.

5. Settled bunnies

The bunnies became a little timid when we first moved in with Aaron’s parents but they seem to have fully relaxed and settled now, and are back to their usual mischievous selves.

6. Plans to see parents

Living up in Leeds means I don’t get to see my parents much and haven’t done for months, so I’m really happy that we’ve now got a date in the diary to see them this summer! It’ll be lovely to be back down south and by the sea too.

7. A return visitor from The Middle East

Three years ago one of my best friends moved to Abu Dhabi and she’s finally now come home! Although she’s come back to visit several times whilst she’s lived abroad, it’s so nice to know that she’s now back in the UK, in the same time zone and just a couple of train rides away.

8. Friday night Thai

On Friday I got the bus straight into town after work, had a coffee and bit of me-time, before meeting some friends for delicious Thai food and a cheeky couple of glasses of fizz. It feels so good to be working full time again and properly savouring that Friday feeling!

Thai Massaman curry

9. Tourists in Halifax

This weekend I met up with a couple of my home girls, one of whom lives in Halifax, and it was so lovely wandering around a different city in the sun, eating ice creams and feeling like we could be abroad!

10. A new book

I finished Emma Gannon’s Multi-Hyphen Method on Friday so decided to treat myself to a new read this weekend. I bought Ruby Tandoh’s Eat Up and am loving it so far, it’s inspiring me to get in the kitchen already!

So there you have it, I’m now on a train heading in the right direction and feeling a lot more positive after doing some writing and thinking about all that good stuff! What’ve been the positives for you lately?



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