My positivity diary (#8)

woodland trees

Weirdly I wrote most of this fortnight’s positivity diary on a bit of a down day, but I think the irony is a good thing because the whole reason I started this series was to focus on the positives even when I’m not necessarily feeling all that sunny. As I said on my Instagram a while back, real positivity isn’t about cakes made of rainbows and smiles; it’s about focusing on the good even when stuff is hard. And to be honest, there’s a whole lot of good! Here’s my round-up from the last two weeks.

1. A coffee catch up

I think the single best thing about the jobs I’ve had in the past are the friends I’ve made through them! One such friend moved to London a few years ago but she was back up in Leeds a couple of weeks ago and a few of us met for a drink at the lovely Laynes Espresso. It was such a nice time of catching up and sharing stories and life news; these girls always make me laugh and I come away feeling super happy whenever I’ve seen them.

2. A drawing commission

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends asked if I could do a drawing for her boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, as a gift that would be a bit different and special. I really enjoyed illustrating the happy couple and their little dog, it was a challenge but I was so pleased with the result! I’m happy to say that the bride and groom were too.

wedding illustration

3. The return of Love Island

I mean, this one is huge guys. I’d been eagerly anticipating the return of Love Island for some weeks so was of course very happy when it came back on our screens! I have to admit, I don’t think it’s a good as last year’s so far – for a start there’s no Camilla – but hopefully it’ll get better. I love having something super trashy to watch at the end of a long day!

4. Surprise post

I was a little confused at first when a small parcel dropped onto the doormat the other day, and had a quick panic at not being able to remember what I’d ordered (I’m bad for that). On opening it I found that it was a gorgeous pair of earrings from my amazing sister. I’d mentioned them in my blog “Etsy Wishlist Finds” which it turned out she’d read, and decided to spontaneously gift me one of the items!

5. A beautiful woodland wedding

Last weekend one of Aaron’s friends from school got married and it was the loveliest wedding, set in the Yorkshire countryside and like something straight out of Pinterest, just gorgeous. I was a little worried about the pollen factor but it wasn’t too bad in the end and we had a great day. Best of all, the bride and groom looked so, so happy.

woodland wedding

bride and groom in field

couple at wedding

Aaron and I trying to pose

6. Feedback on my blog

A lot of you messaged me about the blog I posted last week – “Are you taking life at your own pace?” and I just wanted to say here how much I appreciate your comments and thoughts! Connecting with you all to discuss life’s ins and outs is one of my favourite things about blogging.

7. Pizza and ice cream with my old housemate

I hopped over to Saltaire one night this week and it was so nice to see my old housemate and her boyfriend (who by the way is an illustrator – you need to check out his stuff!) We had pizza and sat and chatted, before watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race for the first time. Is it just me or is it really hard to understand what they’re saying?! I got some disappointing news while I was there which was a bit rubbish but having lived with me for years, my friend always knows how to cheer me up, and her lovely boyfriend went out for ice cream, what a babe.

8. Cards in my favourite coffee shop

If you read my last positivity diary post, you’ll have seen that I’m getting some of my cards stocked in my local coffee shop which I’m so happy about! This last week I took them in and had a chat with the owner which was lovely. If you live anywhere in East Leeds I’d really recommend Cielo coffee – it’s a not-for-profit company and their coffee is amazing.


9. A little weekend date

Since we’ve lived together and because we spend most of our weekends with friends, Aaron and I hardly ever go on actual dates. But this weekend he suggested we went out for dinner, and it was so good to just sit and chat over some pizza, without the distraction of telly or phones. We’d spent a lot of the day sorting out house stuff so it was lush to have a good glass of white too!

10. New year’s resolution going strong

We’re almost halfway through the year now (can you believe that?) which means I’ve actually stuck to a goal, hurrah! My aim for this year was to get back into blogging and here I am still posting every week, madness. It’s become a bigger passion than I could have ever predicted and I’m so glad I started it all up again. I’ll be sharing a post about this soon!

What’s been making you happy over the last couple of weeks?


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