My positivity diary (#7)

view of Fossgate, York

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend so far, we’re having a very chilled one at home so it’s nice not to be dashing off anywhere! Here’s my round-up of positives for the last fortnight…

1. Netflix thrillers

If you didn’t catch my last positivity diary post, Aaron and I spent a wonderful weekend up in Scotland for my friend’s wedding. We planned a day off together for the following day and honestly didn’t do much except lie on the sofa watching telly! Since we finished Marcella we’d been wanting to find a new series and started watching ‘Evil Genius’ on Netflix. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s one of those real crime documentaries set in The States and is pretty eerie but absolutely fascinating – worth a watch! We’re now onto the series ‘Mindhunter’ which is a drama but based on true events.

2. The Irish Referendum

I don’t usually get political on this blog but the Irish Referendum result to legalise abortion felt like a huge step forward. I believe it’s important that women have the choice, particularly for those who are victims of rape or who have dangerous pregnancies. Legalisation means regulation and that is so important. However, let’s not forget Northern Ireland where abortion remains illegal – you can use a template email to write to your MP and urge them to bring about change with this link. Not sure who your MP is? You put in your postcode and it tells you, simple!

3. Hours spent chatting

I caught up with a friend in York last weekend and I don’t think we stopped chatting the whole 7 or 8 hours we were together. Girl time is just the best.

4. Hag do brunch

I hadn’t heard of a hag do before, but it’s basically where all the hens and stags get together before a wedding (essentially as an extra excuse for a knees up I think!) The wedding’s next weekend now but on Bank holiday Sunday we all went for a bottomless brunch in Leeds and it was a lot of fun.

5. Our 3 year anniversary

Tuesday marked three years of being with Aaron and as I said on my social media, I am so grateful for all that he’s done – and does – to support me. This last year has been our first one of living together and it’s been ace!

couple at wedding

6. A visit from abroad

One of my friends lives in Rotterdam these days and was over here for a wedding this last week. She came and stayed for a night and it was so good to see her and catch up. Plus she brought me stroopwaffels and I love stroopwaffels.

7. Wowed by the NHS

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen me on stories this week singing the NHS’ praises! I woke up on Thursday with a rash under my chin and had a little freak out that it could be meningitis, particularly as it didn’t seem to go down when rolling a glass over it. I phoned my surgery for an opinion and was given an appointment in minutes. Thankfully I seem to be fine but the doctor wanted me to have some blood tests just in case, and I waited barely half an hour to have those too. And it was all free – sometimes the NHS just blows my mind!

8. Podcast inspiration

You guys know that I love a good podcast. Well this week I discovered a new one – I’ve been signed up to Beth Kirby‘s newsletter for a while but hadn’t yet listened to her podcast Raw Milk. The first two episodes are all about Instagram and the second one in particular about organic growth was really inspiring. She has some great, practical tips and I would recommend a listen!

9. A little personal win

The other day I plucked up the courage to ask my favourite coffee shop if they would stock some of my cards, and they said yes! Hooray for getting past the fear of rejection and stepping out of our comfort zones, even with the little things.

10. Dog-sitting

This weekend we’ve been looking after Aaron’s parents’ little dog Alfie. It’s been lovely having a little pooch around and getting lots of cuddles!

dog walker and dog in countryside

What are the positives in your world right now? I’d love to know! 


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