Moving house in a heatwave – a little life update

Oxford gift shop

Hello you lovely bunch. I hope you’re all well and enjoying this crazy hot sunshine we’re getting! I know a lot of people love autumn, wearing snuggly jumpers and being cosy and all that, but to be honest I am not one of them; whilst there are joys to be found in every season, I definitely live for summer. It is my absolute favourite season (despite the onslaught of pollen over the last few weeks – seriously, can it stop now?) and seeing sunshine and blue skies just makes my soul happy. We spent the majority of the weekend down in Oxford with my little godson and family, and one of the highlights had to be going to an open air pool on Sunday! It felt like we were abroad and it was just gorgeous.

All that said, I’m not sure we could’ve picked a worse time to move house…we’ve spent the last couple of days covered in sweat as we’ve lugged stuff back and forth, gutted the house, and cleaned it from top to bottom. I’m so glad it’s pretty much done now and we’ve just got a few last bits of cleaning to do before we hand the keys back to our agents. Emotionally it’s all been a bit up and down, as I’ve never had to move out of somewhere when I haven’t felt ready…I realise now that I’ve been seriously privileged and I don’t take that for granted. We got the call a few weeks back that our landlord was wanting to sell the house, and it came as a bit of a shock at the time as we were so settled, but Aaron’s parents kindly offered us a room at theirs and so for the foreseeable future we are living with them and saving up for a deposit. I’m going to miss being able to walk down the road to the train station or to the shops as we’re a little bit further out now, but hopefully the remoteness won’t get me down. For that reason though I’m going to start driving lessons again (watch out world) so we’ll see how that goes! Who knows if I’ll be able to manoeuvre any better ten years down the line since I last failed my test…

In other news I am still addicted to Love Island (it might not be as good as last year’s but it’s still perfect mindless telly at the end of a long day), I have an awkward strap top tan, and after that weekend with my godson I’m as broody as anything. I know right now I can barely look after myself so it’s just a far-off dream, but being cuddled non-stop by a six year old for a weekend does melt a girl!

There’s a little life update from me, how are you doing? I would love to hear what’s new with you. P.s. I took the picture for this post in a lovely little village near Oxford, is that not the prettiest shop you’ve ever seen?!


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