What a Liz Earle facial did for my skin

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Now you guys will already know if you read my skincare favourites post that I’m a big Liz Earle fan. So imagine how excited I was when my sister gave me a Liz Earle facial voucher for my birthday! This was back in March but earlier this month I redeemed it, and I wanted to wait a few weeks to see what I thought of the results, if any, before talking about it on here.

The facial

Things didn’t get off to a great start when I forgot the bladdy voucher. Thankfully the shop team were really understanding and just took my credit card details as insurance with the proviso I’d call back with the voucher number. Anyway, enough of my ditziness. I was asked to fill in a questionnaire – some of it the usual stuff about medication and allergies but they also went into quite a lot of detail with questions on diet, water consumption etc. The therapist, Wendy, then had a conversation with me to talk through my concerns and my usual skincare routine before I lay down in the most comfortable heated bed (complete with duvet!), ready to begin.

Wendy started by taking a really close look at my skin before placing cooling pads on my eyes, cleansing, exfoliating and using steam to soften my pores. It probably sounds weird but even the steam smelt nice, and I felt so pampered and cosy tucked up with my faced being warmed and cleaned. Next up was manual extraction, which – if you haven’t had it before – is basically like having an expert squeeze your spots for you and get the gunk out – to some of you that might sound gross but if you’re like me, that is SO satisfying.

One of the things I loved about this facial was that it didn’t just involve product, there were lots of gadgets too. As well as the steaming, Wendy used a high frequency machine to kill bacteria, and vaccum suction, which is said to improve lymphatic drainage. I’ll admit, I started to lose track after this in terms of what order everything happened in as I was so relaxed, but another particular highlight was the neck and shoulder massage whilst a face mask worked its magic. Moisturising products were then applied and by the end of the facial, my skin was peachy soft.

Changes to make for better skin

Following the treatment, Wendy advised on some products I might want to buy and also gave some suggestions for tweaking my skincare routine, which I found really helpful.

Cleanse morning and night

Although I thought I was pretty good at cleansing, toning and moisturising, I was only doing it at night and not in the morning. She pointed out that the skin works overnight to eliminate toxins and that it’s really important to cleanse your face first thing. Have I kept this up? Yes, definite progress here.

Cut down dairy

We established that I eat quite a lot of dairy, which seems to be the single worst food group for skin. I was advised to cut down but I’ll admit, this has only gone as far as buying almond milk and deciding I didn’t like it. Work still to be done!

Moisture, moisture, moisture

This was the most interesting point. I was surprised to hear that my cheeks were actually pretty dehydrated, and that I should stay away from deep-cleansing, purifying masks to fight spots, and instead focus on moisturing ones, and use an intensive oil at night. This would help my skin to stop over-compensating by producing its own oil and blocking up pores. I was advised to buy the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for this purpose but unfortunately, it ain’t cheap and there was no way I could afford it that day. Luckily, I remembered that I had a little tester size at home that I’d got free with another order and so I’ve been using it every third night or so, as suggested.

The results?

Short-term, my skin was brighter and more glowy after the facial, as well as being super soft. The spottier areas were a little redder where they’d been worked on, so as with any facial, you’d probably want to plan it a couple of days before an event.

Long-term, I haven’t had any less spots but the ones I’ve got have really calmed down and are much less angry looking! Moisturising more and using an oil seems to have been really helped, and as soon as I can afford it I will definitely be going back for another facial. All in all, I’d thoroughly recommend it.

FYI this was not a sponsored post, I just really loved my Liz Earle facial. Have you had a good facial recently or discovered a new product? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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