My positivity diary (#6)

manicured pink nails

Hello you lovely lot, I hope you’re having a good week so far. This fortnight’s positivity post is a little late due to the last few days being a total whirlwind! I’ve been to two wonderful weddings and am still feeling a bit giddy from all the excitement; here’s my round-up…

1. A sunny Bank holiday

The fortnight kicked off with the most gloriously sunny Bank holiday – when does that happen?! Aaron and I spent the Monday at a food festival, where I had a huge box of pulled pork fries and a whippy ice cream. and promptly fell asleep on a deckchair (spot the grandma).

2. Healthy bunnies

The bunnies had their final set of jabs for the year and the vet gave them a perfect bill of health, which made me very happy. I might be a crazy bunny lady but pets are just the best aren’t they?

3. My friend Mel’s wedding

Mel and I studied Spanish together at uni and it was so good to be reunited with our coursemates and be there for the most amazing day – you can spot me below getting seriously into the confetti throwing. Mel looked so beautiful and we all had the best time catching up and sharing in her big day.

bride walking through confetti

4. Feedback on this wee blog

Seeing friends the last couple of weekends and having them tell me they enjoy my blog has meant a lot. It’s a funny one I guess because when I’m writing I never know who exactly I’m writing to, or what people think of it, so to get lovely feedback has really spurred me on. And to you reading this – thank you! You guys give me fresh purpose and make this such a rewarding hobby.

5. Building up my confidence

Earlier this year I had a pretty tough patch of anxiety and it badly knocked my confidence. I feel like slowly I’m rebuilding that faith in myself that I am capable and competent. It’s an ongoing thing but thanks to amazing family and friends, I’m making progress and that’s a lovely thing to realise.

6. Overcoming gym phobia!

If you read my post about why I’m finally learning to embrace exercise, you’ll know that unbelievably I’ve started going to the gym. I’ll be honest, it bores me when people go on about their workouts so don’t worry this is never going to be that kind of blog – all I’ll say is that I’m still going and I’m less and less scared of it. It now feels more natural and I’m starting to worry less that I look like a glistening tomato after the cross-trainer (hey, at least it means I worked hard right?!)

7. Getting my nails done

Getting my nails done is a rare treat but my sister got me a Treatwell voucher for Christmas so I saved it up for bridesmaid duties and got gorgeous pink and glittery shellac last week. Hoping it stays chip-free as long as possible!

8. Bridesmaid pampering

I spent the weekend just gone up in Scotland for my friend Emma’s wedding and it was honestly one of the best weekends ever. The bridesmaid pampering continued when we had a beautician do our hair and make-up; one of the girls had got us gowns especially and we spent the ultimate girly morning chilling, chatting and slowly getting ready.

9. The wedding itself

I can’t really put into words how magical the wedding was; as girls who lived with each other throughout uni our friendship goes way back, and there was hardly a dry eye in the house as our friend Izzie sung us down the aisle. Best of all was seeing how happy the bride and groom looked from start to finish. After being up at the crack of dawn I don’t think we got into bed until about 3 in the morning, so Aaron and I pretty much crashed out with takeaway and telly as soon as we got back to Leeds.

girls at wedding

10. The return of A Handmaid’s Tale

After reading the book (which I’d thoroughly recommend) I got really into Series 1 of a Handmaid’s Tale last year. If you’re not familiar with the premise, the story is set in a totalitarian society which used to be part of the United States. This society – called Gilead – is ruled by a fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state. The ‘handmaids’ have had their freedoms stripped away and are essentially there solely to reproduce and carry on the human line. It’s dark stuff but amazingly acted and so gripping! We watched the first episode of the new season at the weekend and it didn’t disappoint.

What are the big and small things that have been making you happy in the last couple of weeks?


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