My 2018 bakes (#3) – blondies

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As you’ll know if you read #1 and #2 of this series, I’m baking my way through 2018 with a few new recipes I’ve never tried before. I figure if you’re going to learn something new, cake is a pretty rewarding option.

Although – like most people – I’ve baked brownies a bunch of times, I can’t remember ever making blondies, essentially their even sweeter little sister. Having sampled their deliciousness in various cafés over the years, I thought it was time to give them a go.

I had a look online for a recipe and oh did the Internet deliver, the one I found was so simple and straightforward. It’s easy to get put off baking when just buying the stuff for it can get so damn pricey, but I was pleased to see that these little babies don’t actually need that many ingredients… According to the writer Garrett Mccord, ” whereas brownies depend on chocolate for their flavor, for blondies it’s all about the brown sugar, giving the blondies their distinctive molasses flavor.” I’d always assumed they were made with white chocolate for some reason.

baking mix 2018 bakes

Dry ingredients and chocolate chunks mixed in

baking mix 2018 bakes

Butter, sugar, egg and vanilla

Anyway I set to work beating the wet ingredients (which were already starting to smell gorgeous!) before mixing in the dry ones. FYI I sometimes get a little confused with American recipes – a quick bit of Googling this time taught me that ‘Baking Soda’ is in fact Bicarbonate of Soda. ‘Baking Powder’ is just what you think it is. Then you can add whatever extras you want – I went for white chocolate chunks – before pouring the mixture into a baking dish and popping it in a preheated oven. Yup it’s as easy as that!

Less than half an hour later, I had warm, sugary, buttery bites of heaven on my hands, and after cooling they were even fudgier. I took them to a hen do and let’s just say the tin was empty when I came back! Here’s the link for Garrett Mccord’s wonderful recipe:

freshly baked blondies

One may have disappeared before this photo was taken

Practical tips for making blondies

  • Line the baking dish – the recipe doesn’t specify this but it made it so simple to lift the cakes out, and makes life easier on the washing up front too!
  • Don’t bother sieving the flour – I used to think even when a recipe doesn’t tell you to, you need to sieve the flour, but I’ve come to realise that this is only really important for sponge cakes. Something like this that you want to be stodgier doesn’t require any sieving.
  • Have fun with the fillings! I went for white chocolate chunks but you could try nuts or dried fruit – whatever your heart desires.
  • Keep them gooey.  I used a toothpick to check the mixture was cooked through, and whilst you don’t want any actual mix on the stick when you pull it out, I took the blondies out of the oven when the stick was still buttery, at the lower end of the 25-30 minute baking time so that they were nice and gooey.


young woman with blondies

Me looking very proud

So there you have it – a super easy and very delicious bake to add to your repertoire! Have you baked anything new recently? Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should try next.

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