My positivity diary (#4)

view of sheep in a field

Hello you lovely lot, how’s your weekend been? It’s clouded over today in Leeds but how good has it been having sunshine the last few days?! This has obviously got to be number one on the list for my round-up of positives from the last fortnight…

1. SUN

Hanging laundry to dry in the garden, having coffee outside, the first fruit cider of the year and the first beer garden of the year are all things that have made me a very happy girl these last few days. It’s felt like the promise of good things to come, and got me thinking about summer and bright mornings, cold drinks, ice cream and plenty of long evenings spent with friends.

2. Beginner’s luck on the Grand National

Aaron read out a long list of names and got me to pick one, which I did at random. Somehow between us we got 1st and 2nd! Of course we wished we’d put more on, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing, and it still funded a good few drinks in York which was lovely.

3. A weekend without plans

Last weekend we didn’t have any real plans, which felt so nice after a few weekends away between us. I dragged Aaron to Temple Coffee & Donuts which – to explain for non-Leeds people – has become a bit of a doughnut Mecca and one of those Instagram-famous places that people always talk about. To be honest, I felt it was a bit over-hyped and over-priced (though I’d still go back because I want to try more doughnuts…) but it was so good just to chill and chat.

iced doughnut and coffee

4. Hot water

Bit of a random one but we were without hot water for almost a week and ferrying to and from different places to have hot showers! It’s definitely something I take for granted, and getting it back was wonderful.

5. Podcast inspiration

You’ll already know if you read this post that I’ve got really into podcasts recently, and have been so inspired by some of the people I’ve listened to. My favourite at the moment is called ‘What She Said’ where journalist and blogger Lucy Lucraft interviews different women from the online world each week. Last week she interviewed coach Sas Petherick, whose bio describes her work as “helping thinking humans transcend self-doubt” (this explains it better than I could!) The episode was so inspiring and I would really recommend a listen if you have a minute. You can find it here.

6. A school trip

Yes you read that right! I haven’t been on a school trip in I don’t know how many years, but I’ve recently done some helping out at a primary school and last week involved school trips to Waterstones so the children could have a story read to them and pick out new books. It was a pretty tiring day but so lovely, and getting to know little people recently has been a total joy.

7. Got out of a funk

A few days passed recently where I felt like I’d hit a bit of a wall creatively and was missing my inspiration to write and draw, which is weird because usually I’m fizzing with ideas! I already had some stuff planned out so was working through that, but feeling kind of deflated that I had no new inspiration. I tried not to be too hard on myself and just gave myself a bit of a break. I also had to remind myself to get a grip and remember this stuff is supposed to be fun! And do you know what, after a few days’ break, I had a brainstorming session in the sun and feel fired up again, with a fair few things planned that I’m looking forward to sharing with you here.

8. Friends on Netflix

I know Friends has been available on Netflix for a little while now, but we’ve really got back into it in the last couple of weeks and it makes me so happy. We’re currently flying through Season 7, and it still makes me laugh out loud even now – such a feel-good, easy watch.

9. Response to my blog

Last week I wrote a post about what it feels like to relocate and call another region home (if you didn’t catch it, you can find it here). I had such a lovely response from people, which really meant a lot, because whenever I write I really do want it to be relatable and interesting!

10. Hot tub weekend is booked!

A few friends and I have an annual tradition of going away for a weekend to somewhere in the UK, where we basically spend most of the time sitting in a hot tub drinking prosecco. (The photo at the top of this post is from one of these trips, in the Lake District). Other traditions for the weekend include afternoon tea at some point and probably some kind of touristy activity wherever we’re staying. These things get harder to organise as we live further apart than we used to, but thanks to one of the girls and her super planning skills, we’re now booked for 2018! Hooray for plans and things to look forward to.

What are your positives from the last couple of weeks and the things you’re looking forward to?



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