My positivity diary (#3)

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! It’s been a very up and down couple of weeks once again, but there are so many positives to focus on, so here’s my list of ten for the fortnight.

1. More surprise post

I feel like a right jammy sod putting this again, but it just has to be included because surprise post is the best! After a particularly awful day last week I came home to a gorgeous card from a friend, just because, and the next day received these absolutely amazing flowers (pictured) from some equally amazing girlfriends. Fresh flowers make me sooo happy.

2. Clocks going forward

I know clocks going forward can be kind of a pain because of the hour of sleep lost, but in my eyes it marks lighter, longer days and I’m so glad that we are finally leaving this long, snowy winter behind!

3. The best hen do

Last weekend was spent in Chester with two of my best friends as well as a whole group of girls I’d never met before but who were completely lovely. We made cocktails, did a treasure hunt in the rain, drank countless glasses of prosecco, and laughed a LOT.

4. A blog MOT

After deciding I wanted to get back into blogging at the end of last year, I did an e-course run by wonder blogger Sophie Cliff and it really helped give me the momentum and inspiration I needed to make sure my news year’s resolution wasn’t a flash in the pan. Sophie recently announced that she was starting some 1:1 coaching services  so I decided to take her up on her Blog MOT offering. It was so helpful to get a fresh pair of eyes on my blog, and apart from anything was a real encouragement to keep plugging away at this little old hobby of mine. I would totally recommend her to anyone wanting to up their blogging game – you can read about her services here.

5. Getting a haircut

I’m pretty bad at those beauty maintenance things you’re meant to do regularly like get a haircut, but recently I found a local hairdresser’s and went for it. Got to love that fresh, just-out-the-salon feeling. I mean, I just went home and sat on the sofa, but it still felt pretty great.

6. Learning how to make gnocchi

I don’t know about you but we get so addicted to watching Masterchef. Recently one of the contestants made sweet potato gnocchi and I decided I wanted to give it a go. I found a recipe online which combined them with a Parmesan cream sauce and it was YUM! Here’s the link if you fancy a go, and my little gnocchi in the making.

7. Getting to see my mum & dad

The only downside of living in Leeds is being so far from my mum and dad. It was soo good to go down to Southampton and see them, especially to see my Dad looking well after he’s been poorly. It was pretty great eating my mum’s food too, and lush to see the sea again.

8. A beautiful Indian wedding

One of my wonderful school friends got married and she looked so beautiful and so happy. I’d never been to an Indian wedding before so wasn’t sure what was going on at a lot of points, but the outfits were amazing and the dancing was ace!

9. Trashy TV back in my life

Trashy TV is a favourite guilty pleasure of mine, I love nothing better than emptying my mind at the end of a long day watching something completely superficial! So I was a happy girl when Towie and Real Housewives came back on our screens. Aaron was not quite so pleased…

10. Making the move to WordPress

Following a lot of thought about how I want to make this blog better, I took the plunge to get it migrated over to WordPress and this snazzy new template, which I’m super happy with! I’ve got a lot to learn and things I want to improve etc, but much happier with how it’s looking now. Big thank you to Pipdig who I’d recommend if you’re wanting to do the same, tip top service!

Whats been making you happy in the last couple of weeks? I’d love to hear your highlights.

Jo x


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