My positivity diary (#2)

Spring flowers bouquet

When I first thought about this fortnight’s positivity post, I wondered what I would say, since anxiety decided it would punch me in the gut last week and see how I managed winded on the ground. In actual fact, there’s been so many positive things that it was hard to choose just ten, and despite feeling desperate at points, overall I’ve felt profoundly loved and very thankful for this little life of mine.

1. A trip away

Getting away with Aaron meant I properly relaxed, and we had lots of good food and quality time. (I wrote a blog about staying in Cheshire if you fancy a nose) I even went a day with my phone switched off – something I need to try and do more because it felt great.

2. Birthday love

I still get giddy about birthdays. Getting messages from friends is one of my favourite things in life, so a whole day of that with some snail mail thrown in? Yes please!

3. Chester zoo

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my story spamming a couple of weeks ago – we had the best time at Chester zoo! Luckily we had a rare gorgeous day of weather in between all these snow days we’re having, and we were there for hours looking round.

4. A custom Etsy order

I had an Etsy order come through for the loveliest custom poem so that’s been a great little project to work on. I’m always a bit nervous with custom ones though, I’ve shipped it now so fingers crossed the buyer likes it!

5. Surprise parcels

Parcels never fail to make me smile. I couldn’t believe it when first I got flowers (as pictured above!), and then later in the week, a gorgeous little package of pink candy awesomeness.

6. Getting my bake on

Baking always makes me feel productive. As part of my mission to make more new things this year, I tried out Nanaimo bars and they were oh so rich but oh so gooey and delicious! I’ll be posting a blog about this on Wednesday.

7. Seeing old housemates

Whilst I love living with Aaron, I properly miss my old Leeds housemates. I got to see them last week and it was ace.

8. My print came

In my last diary post, I mentioned a drawing I was doing for a friend’s wedding. The print has since come and I’m so happy with it – looking forward to handing it over now!

9. Going to the gym

I’m a total exercise phobe and always have been. However since doing my back in last summer, I’ve tried to make some changes and took up yoga as well as joining the gym last year. I have to confess that the gym hasn’t become a regular habit yet, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve got a little better at this, and I have to admit, doing some exercise has helped boost my mood.

10. Dad getting better

My dad’s been poorly for quite a while but he’s now come out of hospital and is recovering well at home, which makes me sooo happy.

What are the positives from your last couple of weeks? I’d love to hear your stories.


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