My positivity diary (#1)

flowers poking through snow

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all enjoying lovely, relaxing weekends. I’ve heard people say that noting down the positives in your life can really help you focus on them, so I’m going to start doing fortnightly posts with a round-up of ten positives each time. It’s easy to get hung up on the negatives and I’m definitely guilty of that, but when I’ve thought about it, there’s been a lot of positives over the last several days. I snapped this photo in our garden (/random bumpy concrete space outside) as it felt like a picture of hope when I saw these flowers breaking through.

1. The snow has melted

I don’t know about you but I was so relieved when the snow finally melted. It’s lovely walking around not slipping and sliding, and I’ve even spied some blue sky this week. As the days get lighter and warmer it always boosts my mood.

2. Running water

It’s something we take for granted but the other day ours got turned off when a pipe burst. It really made me think about how privileged we are to just expect it every day, and we were extra grateful when it got turned back on!

3. The messages I got about my blog

I was scared to publish the blog I wrote recently about anxiety, but I’ve had lots of lovely messages from people who’ve related to it and this evolving space to talk more about mental health means so much.

4. My illustration for Just a Card

Just a Card is an initiative run by volunteers to promote independent artists and makers, encouraging people to buy from them by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, are vital to their survival. A while ago they asked if I’d do a little illustration for them, and this week they shared it on their Instagram, which felt very exciting! You can see it here if you fancy a nose.

5. After work drinks

My social anxiety has been pretty high recently, but when I was asked if I wanted to go for a drink after work on Friday, I decided to go for it. I hadn’t been feeling great that day and was pretty desperate to get home, but I’m so glad I went because I actually had a really nice time. Hurray for pushing out of our comfort zones!

6. A long weekend

The weekends always seem to fly by so a four day one is very welcome, and I’m feeling very lucky that I get to spend it with my boyfriend relaxing and enjoying birthday treats.

7. Discovering Queer Eye for a Straight Guy

After reading Amy Elizabeth’s great blog about this programme, last weekend when I wasn’t feeling great I gave it a try. It seriously brightened my mood – it’s the loveliest show and if you haven’t already watched it, get on Netflix now! I completely binged so am now waiting eagerly for a second series.

8. A drawing for a friend

One of my friends is getting married next month and I’m so excited to see her tie the knot – my first Indian wedding too! She asked if I’d do some kind of artwork for her big day and gave me some ideas for things she wanted including. For a while I’d been mulling over how I was going to bring these different elements together, but I had a flash of inspiration last weekend and I’n really happy with how it’s coming together now. Fingers crossed she likes the end result!

9. Healthy bunnies

Most of you will know that I’m a crazy bunny lady, and just a little bit obsessed with my two mini lops, Mel and Sue. They had their annual jabs and a check up this week, and they’re both in perfect health šŸ™‚

10. Birthday post

I always get excited about snail mail but birthday post is even better! It always makes me happy when these envelopes come through the door and I’m saving them up ready for Tuesday.

What are the positives from your last couple of weeks? I’d love to know the good stuff you’re focusing on!


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