Upping my pin game in 2018

enamel pins on denim jacket

I’ve joined the party a little late on the pin front, but I’ve finally started collecting some and I love the way they make an extra personalised accessory for jackets, bags etc. I thought I’d share my first three here and start upping my pin game in 2018.

1. Who doesn’t love avocado these days, it’s pretty much my favourite lunch when smashed up with lime and spread on buttery toast. Getting carried away thinking about food now, but this little avocado guy has to be the cutest pin I’ve seen yet.Pin by Blush & Blossom

2. On a more serious note, this second pin packs an inspirational message. Self-doubt pervades a lot of what I do so I feel remembering we’re stronger than that crap is a good aim for 2018. This pin is also pink, which is always a bonus in my book.Pin by Phie Hackett

3. Peanut butter, a big love of my life. Some people can’t understand how Snickers could be my favourite chocolate bar; these are the same people who couldn’t contemplate spooning the stuff out of a jar. But if you get it, this is the perfect pin for you.Pin by Hello Treacle

If you have any recommendations for cute pins please let me know!


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