The Day That Comes Once Each Year

Sitting in my room painting my nails, eating chocolate and listening to the 50 Shades soundtrack, I realise I am living the girly stereotype. Like a less exciting rom-com (but only because rom-coms are unrealistic), life is whirling on through ups and downs, new friendships and gone friendships, old friendships that have got stronger and people that overlap for a bit before drifting away in the natural current of life. Today I hit a quarter of a century and, as per normal, am sentimental and silly, thinking over past/present/future. A year of a new job, life lessons learnt, cities explored and places visited, friends married, boys that seemed wonderful and turned out to be disappointment, life stuff that was hard, the reminder of the importance of the people you love, the not taking for granted that they will always be there, but the realisation that you can do so much more than you think.

Birthdays feel like a marker, a little stake in the ground, that summarises your life at present. Marked by the people you spend it with, the things you do to celebrate, the gifts you receive, the people you hear from and the people you hope to hear from. Along with the amazing constant of family that have wished you happiness on this day every year of your life. Today I am reminded to be extra grateful for all the people I’ve been blessed with.


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