What I’ve learnt at 25

Writing makes me happy. It also makes me frustrated. But this snowy Sunday afternoon found me reading through my old blogs and wanting to do it again, no matter how frustrating the process of thoughts to blank page can be. Each of those blogs I wrote seems like a little slice of my thoughts at the time, my 22/23 year old outlook on life. Now here I am, 2 years on, the same but different. Then, I wrote a list of 30 silly and serious things I had learnt in my first year after uni. I’m starting up the blogging again by adding a whole load more…

1. I love Leeds. Just awesome.
2. Bank holidays are the best thing.
3. A little bit of Portuguese.
4. People are often more open minded than you think.
5. Curling wands are dangerous. Seriously.
6. Don’t get your ears pierced at Claire’s Accessories (maybe something most people realise at 13, not 24).
7. My life wouldn’t be the same without Starbucks mochas.
8. Thinking you don’t have to carry ID because you’re 24 is oh so foolish. Cue the awkward moment of rejection.
9. I should be kept away from glass walls/doors. Ouch.
10. Wisdom teeth are the WORST.
11. How to make meringues. Baking still makes me inordinately happy.
12. Being a godmother is great, especially to a bundle of joy going by the name of Jude šŸ˜€
13. I thought I’d learnt how to spot someone who plays games, but I hadn’t.
14. My alcohol tolerance is in opposite correlation with my age.
15. Do love wine though. And red is good after all.
16. Some friends never change, you can just pick right up. 

17. Some friends do change
18. To be ever more grateful for my family.
19. That friends can be like family too.
20. Just because a boy is older, it doesn’t mean he’s more mature. Funnily enough!
21. How to zumba. Kind of.
22. You can’t live in a place and not adapt! My weird hybrid accent is the proof.
23. Watching other people watching tv is entertaining. Who’d have thought it eh Gogglebox.
24. Spray tans are the BEST. Sorry not sorry.
25. If you don’t like how things are going, change them.


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