T’was The Night Before Sale

Walking down the high street on a balmy summer’s evening you might not suspect the hive of activity occurring behind one of the shop fronts. A team of women and girls lugging rails of clothes, marking down hundreds of prices, preparing mannequins, putting up banners and fixing displays, deconstructing and reconstructing an entire shop. Running up and down stairs, stretching to fix signs and bending to tie ribbons, threading their away around each other and the numerous racks of clothes primed and ready for hungry sale shoppers.

The stereotype of women in work seems to be attention seeking, incompetent people that bicker and can’t make decisions. The reality of this evening couldn’t have been further from the truth, gossip and chat yes, but hard graft, decisiveness, delegation, organisation and above all teamwork , all came together to produce one sale-ready store.

As knackering as tonight was, it was surprisingly inspiring. Seeing a group of women ranging from teenagers to grandmothers who were tired but focused, sweat and toil amidst smiles and chatter to finish a job made me appreciate them all the more. The past year since finishing uni has been one of life lessons and learning curves, and positive ones like this have been brilliant.


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