What I’ve learnt in the year after graduating

Knowing people that are graduating soon has made me think – almost a year has gone by since I did. It seems like forever ago, probably because so much has happened since. So this is my list of 30 silly and serious things I have learnt this year:

1. Dying your hair isn’t that scary after all
2. Blogging is cathartic
3. Snuggling is underrated
4. I should not make decisions when I’m sad
5. How to spot someone that plays games
6. I love teaching people one to one, tutoring is brilliant
7. Colleagues and managers that encourage you make you work better, surprisingly enough
8. Colleagues and managers that pick you apart make you a nervous mess
9. I actually like my body (finally!), learning contentment with all things is an ongoing lesson
10. I should have more belief in myself
11. Spending a bit more money on wine means that it actually tastes nice
12. Some friends just get more incredible by the year
13. How to make pumpkin pie
14. God never changes
15. Feminsim is something to be passionate about
16. Getting to know new people is wonderful
17. Lucie Orr makes incredible banana bread
18. Kathryn Parr is a whiz at lasagne
19. I want to work in retail long-term

20. Strawberry cheesecake will never fail you
21. Gratitude for family that are so supportive
22. I am very bad at being thrifty
23. I love Starbucks coffees more than is healthy
24. Thinking I’ve got over something does not mean it’s sorted
25. Reunion hugs are the best
26. I love Twitter
27. Not having exams and essays is literally the best thing ever
28. However, not having exam stress has not removed stress full stop. Who would’ve thought.
29. I am far too good at procrastinating
30. I am amazingly blessed


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