January blues that have given way to February greens

If there are January blues then I reckon other months should have colours too. March has to be yellow – daffodils and chicks and sunshine (hopefully). So I’m inventing “February greens” as a mix of the two to describe the weirdness that is this time of year. Emerging from winter blues but still freezing, sunny days and snow days, the promise of spring in the air but the continuation of frosty dark evenings. Everyone remembers how much they love pancakes and wonder why they don’t make them the rest of the year. Debates ensue over what is the best pancake topping (nutella and banana, obvs) and what to give up for Lent, or if we should give up anything at all. There are pink hearts in shop windows and florists rubbing their hands with glee. Some New Year’s resolutions have been broken, others impressively kept (very envious of people that go on a health kick and actually manage it). The last of the January sale bargains linger in the shops, whilst new displays of chocolate eggs and bunnies fill the windows. And to add to the weirdness, this February the main British news revolves around horsemeat and the Pope. I think there’s a reason this strange limbo month is shorter than all the others. I’m going for a nap, wake me up when it’s March.


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