When girls get together – the importance of the people that really know you

mug of hot chocolate

Nothing beats when girl friends are reunited. Last night meant a visit from one very special friend to a bunch of girls who had seriously missed her. Lots of hugs, and chats about anything and everything accompanied by hot chocolate and cake equalled happy times. To our guy friends this stuff is lame but to a group of girls, evenings like that are bliss, cliché or not. Last night made me think afresh how amazing good friends are. People that you can joke with, tell your secrets to, curl up with, go out with, relive old memories with, share stories with, and most of all be yourself with. Those people that know you, that you don’t necessarily have to put on a smile for but whom you can just be real with. So much of life is a front. You present a version of yourself that you want people to see. In an academic context, in a job context, in an “in public” context. And true, you present a version of yourself with friends too, it’s not a context with exception, but perhaps this is the most stripped down version, the most open you. The same could be said for family, it depends on the individuals. But what I do know is that those people that know know you are not ones to let go of. That wasn’t a typo, there are the friends that know you and then the ones that know know you. And who are still friends no matter what crap there’s been. Missing friends like this who’ve moved away has made me appreciate this even more lately. The friends and family who love you like that are worth their weight in gold.


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