Sugar and Spice – an afternoon of baking

The fact that we are three girls in our house is pretty obvious, from the amount of products in the bathroom to the number of rom-coms we own, we are definitely fitting the stereotype. The best thing though has to be our baking cupboard which might in fact be Nigella worthy. Living the dream.

After being here about a month and enjoying treats from my two wonderful housemates without so much as contributing a custard cream, today felt like the day to crack out the cake tins and make something sweet. 

Baking feels like one of those things that you forget how amazing it is until you do it, weighing and stirring and whipping (and tasting!) make for complete escapist bliss I think. Today I went for peanut butter brownies and banana cupcakes, out of an entire book of cupcakes a certain excellent friend sent me.

It turns out dark chocolate melted with sugar and peanut butter might be one of the best combos ever invented, disgustingly good. All that was left to do was mix in the eggs and flour and voila, brownies made sans butter.

Some cinammon, allspice, walnuts and choc chips went in with the banana cake mix for extra yumminess and they seemed to pop up a treat despite our dodgy oven which I’m a little bit scared of (me and fire don’t go well together).

Then just to make icing which didn’t go quite as planned (don’t make icing without sieving) but is still icing so can never taste bad.

An afternoon and a lot of sugar later, we have cake. And that is never a bad thing. 


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