I’m not a student anymore?

Graduating from uni must be one of the most surreal landmarks in life. I’ve finished my degree! I never have to do an exam ever again! Or write a dissertation, or fight for a place in the library, or pretend I like the music in Willow. But then comes the realisation that it’s not just goodbye to revision, it’s goodbye to life as I know it. Goodbye to student loans, going out on weeknights, justifying anything on toast for tea, student discount, campus lunches, afternoon naps and long holidays. But most of all, goodbye to the people I’ve shared life with. The people that I’ve laughed with and cried with, danced away the night with, panicked over exams with, cooked tea with, watched films with, talked into the small hours with. And that’s a huge wake up call. Not that these people are gone forever, because the good friends will still always be there, but knowing that they’re not just down the road feels big. And the thought of leaving the uni bubble and entering the real world is a tiny bit terrifying. My summer went in a blur, and now I’m back in York, one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world, but for the first time not here as a student. It’s a shock. People talk about seasons of life, graduation was the end of an era and although I feel incredibly blessed to still have so many good friends around me, this is definitely a new season. Now to figure out this graduate life.


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